DeKoi Roy – 18 x 24 Mosaic

DeKoi Roy – #koi #fish #mosaic made with #recycled candy and drink labels

About this Mosaic

18″ x 24″ x .5″ on foamcore board, this mosaic was made for an art auction, benefiting the local Tarrant County AIDS Outreach Center. The auction was my first art showing in 12 years. As nervous as I was, I met some great people I still speak with today. The koi fish is something I remember feeding in a pond as a kid. I’m not sure where I was, probably the Fort Worth Zoo or the Botanical Gardens down the street. The labels in the background were layered with translucent black and blue gum wrappers to mimic blue water. Labels used are Stride gum, orange Tootsie Roll wrappers and white sugar packets. Also used are saltwater taffy wrappers, layered over the top in the gills.

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