Blue-Eyed Grass Duet – 12 x 18 Mosaic

Blue-Eyed Grass Duet – #Mosaic made with #recycled candy and drink labels

About the Mosaic

12″ x 18″ on masonite, the mosaic is made with Blueberry Stash tea, Shiner Blonde beer, Twinnings tea and various green labels in the background to create these Blue-Eyed Grass wildflowers. These flowers are found in central and north Texas. This is the first of four mosaics I made and one of the first wildflower pictures I created. Thinking ahead, I figured flowers would be a good subject matter, knowing candy wrappers and drink labels tend to be bright and colorful. For example, as a husband, it would be smart to buy my wife flowers occasionally. When buying a bouquet, I would choose the flowers with the brighter colors. That got the ball rolling. This mosaic seems to be popular from feedback I’ve been given.

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