Shelter – 24 x 36 Mosaic

Shelter – #mosaic made with #recycled candy and drink labels

About the Mosaic

24″ x 36″ x 2″ gallery-wrap on masonite, this mosaic was made for an exhibit in July 2011, here in Fort Worth. The two horses I found on Flickr and with permission, I transformed the image using nothing but warm colored candy wrappers. I’ll be the first to say it’s not my favorite, but it’s something I needed to work through to learn a few techniques on color selection, the cut and patterns I used during the process. As as good friend of mine was photographing the finished piece, it was a challenge to get the exposure right because of the brightness of the colors. Most of the labels used were Tootsie Pop Wrappers. Quick note to make, I ended up ironing the wrappers to take out some of the wax.

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