Firewheels on a Hot Summer Day – 12 x 18 Mosaic

Firewheels on a Hot Summer Day – #Mosaic made with #recycled candy and drink labels

About the Mosaic

12″ x 18″ on masonite, this mosaic is made with Pomegranate Tootsie Pop, Twinnings tea, Lemon Starburst, Snapple Peach Iced Tea labels and various green labels in the background to create these Firewheel wildflowers. These flowers are found all over North Texas. My thoughts going into this was the fact the temperature in the summertime unfortunately gets up in the 100s. So I set out to make a mosaic to remind me of how crazy I am doing outside activities like mowing my lawn in the triple digit heat. The colors used are by default, bright and over saturated. Candy wrappers and especially waxed paper like a Tootsie Pop wrapper don’t have any mute colors. My guess is they might look old and stale. Since when does candy have a shelf life anyways?
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