About.me Directory is listing Recycled Mosaics

Recycled Mosaics was given some exposure

A tweet came over to my Recycled Mosaics account:
Tweet from @aboutdotme to Recycled Mosaics

Absolutely made my night. How it happened? I have no idea. But it’s awesome to see my about.me page in the inspiration section. To me, about.me is an online business card that gives a brief bio and/or image yourself and external links to social media sites or blogs. With this I can show my art in a snapshot which has a further reach than me handing out a card or telling them to check out my art on my website or exhibit. I have one already I use here for my personal page which is in the bio section of the website.

Something to think about, is it worth the effort to constantly push ideas out in places like about.me, twitter, pinterest or instagram? I think it is, but always in moderation with quality posts. I was retweeted in twitter on my @recycledmosaics account the other day. I thanked the person, exchanged followings. However, my twitter feed immediately was blasted by the same type of tweets, consistently annoying. So I unfollowed and count it as experience. Would I ever be like that person spamming the twitter? Nope. It’s the fine line I need see and keep telling others about my art without all the spam/filler. After all, if I didn’t keep publishing everything and everywhere, I wouldn’t have been found and added to the directory.

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