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Tree frog Mosaic made with recycled candy and drink labels

Mosaics Recycled

The mosaics on this site are created entirely from recycled candy wrappers, drink labels, gum wrappers, sugar packets, tea packaging – anything from the marketplace that shows a label. By utilizing marketing brand awareness and color recognition, these labels and wrappers are carefully selected per composition.  The colors used in each mosaic are limited to what’s available at that time or collected for future use. I’ve been creating this medium since 1995, giving the audience a new way to see familiar subjects being rendered in a different angle, through the cut of a label. My main goal in making a mosaic is finding ways to translate a picture into the colors I have on hand to work from.  I always keep my eyes open for new labels to broaden my palette hunting down the perfect color. Over the years, attaining the details in one of these mosaics is a challenge and it’s never the same per project. I’ve learned to cut in different methods, new techniques and different ways to cut the wrapper. How black and white text affect the color and add an extra amount of texture to the mosaic. Recently, I added another element using cardboard from shoe boxes and old Monopoly property cards creating a three dimensional low relief effect. This mosaic finished in May of 2012 was the final result. I recently took this mosaic to be scanned and prepped for an upcoming limited edition run.

The labels I use in the mosaics

If by chance you feel like donating any Snapple, Starburst,  or your favorite tea wrappers to the cause,  please contact me here to know what I’m looking to use. You can also contact me through Twitter, Pinterest and on Google+.  I thank you for checking out my website and store.

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